Student Ministry of FBC MACCLENNY

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1. Why do you think faith is listed before all these other qualities? Why is it foundational for everything else?

2. Do you think there is much significance to the order of these additions? What do you see as significant?

3. How do you believe someone gets to the point where all these things are in place in his or her life?

4. How much do you feel like each of these qualities are present in your life?

5. Have you added to your faith, goodness? How can you do that in a practical way?

6. Have you added to your goodness, knowledge? How can you add knowledge to your faith?

7. Have you added to your knowledge, self-control? How can you become a more self-controlled person?

8. Have you added to your self-control, perseverance? What is something that is going on right now that you need to persevere through?

9. What do you think it means to be “godly"? Have you added to your perseverance, godliness?

10. Brotherly kindness is not a word we use a lot in our world today, but it means to treat other people well. Have you added that to your godliness? How could you do so?

11. Have you added love to all this? How does love affect all of these qualities?


First Baptist Church of Macclenny, Florida is a part of Jesus' body of believers who are committed to lifting Him up as Lord. As He said, we are going to everyone possible and seeking to love them into His family. Then, we are leading them on in their spiritual journey from here to eternity as we all live as one spiritual family.




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