Thank you for clicking your way to our homepage.  We are seeking to make this church website a welcome and useful ministry tool to help you receive the information and updates you need.  Like everything we do at First Baptist Macclenny, we pray that this online ministry will honor our Lord Jesus Christ and further the mission He has given to us as His church body.

     We feel very privileged to be serving God in Macclenny and Baker County.  The First Baptist Family experience is a wonderful way to help you find genuine purpose and meaning for your life.
     Whether you are a long time resident of our community, or you’re new to this area, you will find the First Baptist family to be a welcome family of friends.  You will see why so many people say of First Baptist Macclenny . . .
“It Feels Like Home!”


9:30am Bible Groups,  10:45am Worship,  6pm Worship
5:00pm Dinner & Children's Choirs, 6:00pm Bible Groups, 6:00pm AWANA, 6:00pm Youth ENGAGE